We turn data into
results that count

With a history in the financial world, we understand that results matter, now more than ever in this digital era. With a unique combination of data, technology and expert knowledge, we exploit digital opportunities to create results that count. This is precisely where our strength lies. We automate and integrate systems and data to provide knowledge and insights for the benefit of your business.

We make IT work for you

IT nowadays is essential in creating an optimal work environment. It can improve efficiency, save time and money, increase employee engagement, and even increase customer satisfaction to put you ahead of the competition. The possibilities of IT are endless. Let us help you make it work for your business.

We start with the end result in mind

With our financial background, we understand that results matter, now more than ever. That’s why we start with the end result in mind. We know what we are aiming for, so can tailor our service, choose the best technology and implement the right strategy in order to get there.

We choose the best fit for your business

Our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients. We also know that every client is different. That’s why we partner with other IT specialists in order to provide the solution that suits each individual client’s needs. We always choose the best fit for your business.

Our results-driven team

We strive to achieve results, by bringing people and technology together. We love to find and create the best solution for every individual client. Our goal is to make IT work for you.

  • Tom Williamson
    Tom Williamson Senior ERP Consultant

    Tom is an experienced consultant with over a decade of experience working in accounting and ERP software sector. From delivering full implementation life cycles including legacy system migration, business change management, end user training, business process design, user case testing, go live and post go live support.

  • Aston Byfield
    Aston Byfield General Manager UK
  • Thom Aerts
    Thom Aerts IT Finance Consultant

    Thom is experienced in dealing with management reports and with financial and operational dashboards. In particular, he advises clients on the best dashboard option for their firm.

  • Jan Traas
    Jan Traas Manager Security

    Jan advises entrepreneurs at strategic level on privacy, security and business continuity challenges. Challenges like the risks of increasing cybercrime, realizing compliance with stricter laws regarding personal data and the safe interaction of employees of your company with third parties.

  • Hans van den Biggelaar
    Hans van den Biggelaar Cybersecurity Consultant

    Hans advises and supports entrepreneurs regarding Privacy, Information Security and Business Continuity challenges. Hans is also good at looking for the right match between technology and the human aspect within information security.

  • Chloe Hunt
    Chloe Hunt Cloud accounting Consultant

    Chloe provides advice on cloud accounting solutions including the integration of document scanning and management reporting applications. Chloe is an accredited user of many cloud accounting solutions and advises on areas.

  • Koen Swaghoven
    Koen Swaghoven Manager Retail

    As a Manager Retail Koen has a broad view on business-related issues and has a lot of experience in financial advisory of entrepreneurs in SMEs. Koen advises our clients and gives them insight into their business. All this to get the best results for our clients.

  • Steef Janssen
    Steef Janssen Business Intelligence Advisor

    Steef advises our clients about their Business Intelligence solutions. Besides that, he assists RSULT-IT in optimising and developing our internal IT systems.


  • Gerard den Teuling
    Gerard den Teuling IT Finance Director

    Gerard is an IT specialist with significant experience in accounting. As such, Gerard is well-placed to provide advice on the optimisation of processes and systems. Gerard is part of our Management Team.

  • Bram van den Hoven
    Bram van den Hoven Sales Executive

    Bram is responsible for sales and relationship management. He keeps in close contact with our existing customers and partners, and he is the first point of contact for our potential customers.

  • Kevin van Och
    Kevin van Och IT Finance Consultant

    Kevin has experience with online accounting software. He advises clients on their management reports and connecting these with cloud applications.


  • Anouk Ploeg
    Anouk Ploeg IT Finance Consultant

    Anouk has particular experience with the implementation of online accounting software. She advises clients on their management reports and both their financial and operational dashboards.

  • Yvonne van Tulden
    Yvonne van Tulden IT Finance Consultant

    Yvonne has experience with all kinds of accounting software, online and offline. She advises clients about management reports and financial/operational dashboards.

  • Edian Verpoort
    Edian Verpoort IT Finance Consultant

    Edian is experienced in dealing with management reports and with financial and operational dashboards. In particular, he advises clients on the best dashboard option for their firm.

  • Danny Verhalle
    Danny Verhalle IT Finance Consultant

    Danny has experience of online accounting software implementation and maintenance. He provides advice regarding financial and operational dashboards and management reports.

  • Kevin Dunn
    Kevin Dunn Senior Cloud Consultant

    Kevin is accredited in many cloud accounting SaaS solutions, providing advice and consultancy to implement new finance systems including technology efficiencies, financial accounting, accounting systems and processes, management reporting and budgeting.

  • Job Lammers
    Job Lammers Manager Business Development

    Job provides advice on IT-related issues at a strategic level. In addition to digital optimisation of back-office processes, he also advises on cloud-related issues and the latest technological advancements.

  • John Schrijvers
    John Schrijvers Managing Director

    John advises business leaders and entrepreneurs at a strategic level on IT-related business issues. John is part of our Management Team.

  • Ian McBane
    Ian McBane Director

    Ian specialises in advising about online accounting services and data insights to a wide range of clients. Ian is also a member of our Management Team.

Clients we created results for

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