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About us

Our mission

We are re-imagining the way that companies manage their business. We do this by helping our clients to digitize and optimize their financial processes. So we all can grow.

Why our customers love us

Requirements first, solutions second!

We take the time to understand your processes, requirements and growth plans before even discussing or recommending a solution which is absolutely key to getting things right the first time around.

We give you advice

Selecting the right software can be a mine field! We have a full portfolio of solutions we have meticulously selected to ensure we can cover the sectors we focus on and aid our clients in selecting the right solution for them.

We save you money

By recommending the right solutions for businesses we can really automate the way businesses operate, reducing manual intervention saving time and money.


Experienced you can trust

Whether you're a small business that is adverse to the industry jargon or a larger business with more complex requirements we have the right team in place with the relevant industry specific experience.

About us

Our team

United Kingdom

  • astonbyfield@rsult.com

Aston Byfield

General manager

  • Darren's background is one that is quite diverse, in that he gained his experience at a top 10 accountancy firm working across a number of different departments including tax, audit and outsourcing., along with being one of the driving forces behind the adoption of cloud technology. 

    Darren now works with accountancy firms using his experience and hands on approach, to help them leverage the digital way of working and create a cloud strategy. 

Darren Buckley

Cloud Accounting Consultant

  • Kevin is a trained accountant who has been supporting business transitions to software for over 18+ years. With over 200+ financial implementations, Kevin has experience with a lot of packages which really aids when moving clients to the best of breed solutions in the market.

Kevin Dunn

Sr. Cloud Consultant

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Cloud Accounting Consultant

  • Tom has worked for some of the biggest software vendors in the industry for over 10+ years. Having implemented 100+ manufacturing, wholesale and project management clients, this is Tom's focus no matter the size of the company.

Tom Williamson

Sr. ERP Consultant

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Marketing employee

  • Ade is a trained accountant, has been an implementation consultant for 16+ years and has experience with an array of packages. Ade is focused on financial, wholesale and project management organisations and is leveraging his experience within the academies sector.

Ade Ibironke

Sr. ERP Consultant

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Sales employee

The Netherlands


    +316 319 537 60


John Schrijvers

General Director - Founder

  • steefjanssen@rsult.com

Steef Janssen

BI Consultant

Gerard den Teuling

Financial director - Founder

  • lonnekevanbakel@rsult.com

Lonneke van Bakel

Marketing & Communications

  • jantraas@rsult.com

Jan Traas

Data Protection Officer

  • bramvankessel@rsult.com

Bram van Kessel

IT Finance Consultant

  • edianverpoort@rsult.com

Edian Verpoort

IT Finance Consultant

  • thijsjanssen@rsult.com

Thijs Janssen

Project Manager

Martin Beckmann

ICT Jurist

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IT Finance Consultant

  • Do you want to work with us? Take a look at our vacancies.


Junior Support Employee

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