Ashwood Electric Motors

"Rsult gave is insight into our business fundamentals."

About Ashwoods Electric Motors

At Ashwoods they design, engineer and manufacture a low cost range of electric motors which cover the field of traction and propulsion applications. With a brand spanking new state of the art manufacturing facility opened in 2018 they have gone from strength to strength.  From our initial meeting we felt an instant synergy with their passion, their products and their ethics for a greener world. They came to us as their current solution was expensive, implemented badly and not providing the core insights a manufacturing business requires to operate efficiently.


The challenge

Some of the key pain points were:

  • There was no real time insight into material stock level which put pressure on meeting customer demand
  • No CRM in place to offer a structured sales cycle and forecast on demand
  • No shop floor feedback to help understand the true costs of manufacture
  • With long lead times on material purchases ordering the right amount of material at the right time was a manual effort
  • A big part of their needs was to be able to log engineering and design time to the projects in order to track expenses against research and development grants

The solution

We implemented Exact Online Manufacturing Premium, a pure public cloud system specifically aimed at the manufacturing industry. This offered enhanced functionality to aid and improve current business processes: one single platform to bring together the core business processes. As a result Ashwood’s are now able to make better business decisions to drive their growth plans.


The result

  • Material requirements planning means they no longer have money tied up in slow moving inventory freeing up cashflow to invest in other areas of the business
  • Keep track of project based work and identify any scope creep and issues earlier; making them a much more agile organisation.
  • A clear understanding of business development which is used to forecast and drive their procurement and manufacturing departments.

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