Kent Refinishing Supplies

"Rsult gave is insight into our business fundamentals."


Kent Refinishing Supplies was a start up business catering towards car refinishing products. As a start up they faced common challenges including cashflow and raising finance, uncertainty in terms of what systems to put in place which would match their needs now and also their requirements as they flourish. The team were a cracking laugh and we had a great time getting them up and running and even saw their first sale come in during go live.

Rsult Industries

The challenge

Kent Refinishing Supplies, even though in their infancy had some quite complex requirements due the nature of the industry they work in. Dealing with a lot of garages which is still quite a cash focused industry presents itself with a number of challenges in itself. A long with this they also has complex requirements in terms of being able to mix paints with a production process with many stages which needed to take into account their inventory levels and understanding exactly how much intermediary product they had at any one time. Here are some of the key challenges they faced:

The solution

We implemented Exact Online Wholesale Advanced solution into the business which offered a number of benefits to the Kent Refinishing Supplies and made sure they started their journey on the right foot.

  • We helped define, visualise and map out their entire processes on how they wanted to start working from day one. One of the big elements for Rsult is we aren’t just software experts, but also business experts. We were really able to help define the most optimised process and then map this flow with how the software works.
  • All of our team has an extensive background in finance and understand the needs. We were able to fill in knowledge gaps through clear and concise training.
  • Exact online was able to offer Kent Refinishing an all in one system which allowed real time inventory insight through all of their processes, including being able to handle the paint mixing process
  • The ability to photograph a receipt and post directly into the system from a phone was a huge time saver
  • A strong process which covered all their requirements from counter sales, cash collection on delivery runs and a solid system to chase debt
Case - solution
Case - result

The result

It was a really nice feeling to be able to witness a business bring in their first sale, and start this business on its journey. Due to the system implemented Kent Refinishing Supplies were able to get the following benefits:

  • Due to help in planning and mapping business processes this left the team there to be able to focus on the things which are priorities for a new business
  • Improve and look after cashflow by reducing outstanding balances
  • With eal time insight of their inventory and great analysis on sales and margin they can keep an optimum level of inventory and ensure they protect their margins
  • Early investment means they are setup for current day and also setup for growth with a system they can full utilise and grow into

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