Rsult customer story of Brownies & downieS

“We have real-time insight on how the businesses are doing. That is pure profit for us.’’

About Brownies & downieS

Brownies & downieS is a franchise chain of lunchrooms where, among others, people with Down’s syndrome and other limitations work. With multiple locations across the Netherlands, the management team were struggling to capture the right information, at the right time, from across all their franchise stores.

“Saving time by linking multiple software packages.”

Thijs Swinkels

Owner & founder

Brownies & downieS


Thijs Swinkels and Teun Horck had ambitious plans when they founded Brownies & downieS  in 2010. They wanted to expand their franchise concept to 20 lunchrooms before the summer of 2015 in order to realise nationwide coverage. We helped them by linking their various financial administrations together, benefitting them as well as the individual franchisees.

Up to date overview

Due to the increasing number of administrative actions and the complexity that comes with franchising, Thijs and Teun want to have an up to date overview of the financial administration of the business at any time. Our integration of the different software packages and convenient overall dashboard provided this overview for the franchisors. For example, a cash transaction is now immediately processed in the accounts and the hours worked are automatically registered in the payroll administration.

“With our help, an entrepreneur can focus again on what they do best: entrepreneurship.’’

Software packages come together 

The different software packages of the franchisees and the franchisors are now brought together and with one mouse click, the management reports of all the locations are available. ‘’No more complicated procedures or unnecessarily waiting for requested reports. We have real-time insight into the business. That’s pure profit for us.’’ Thijs Swinkels, Founder.

A client-focused solution

Thanks to our various disciplines including accounting, legal, tax and IT, we can make customised solutions for every franchisee. We can do all this for a pre-agreed rate per year.


With our products and services, an entrepreneur can focus again on what they do best: entrepreneurship.


‘’RSULT match our unique needs and those of our franchisees. This enables us to focus on the core business of Brownies & downieS: increasing employee satisfaction.’’