Rsult customer story of SecureLogin

‘’We rest assured with a peace of mind every night’’

About SecureLogin

SecureLogin is an online single sign-on portal for administration and accounting firms. Essentially, it is comparable to the desktop on your computer, except that its online. With SecureLogin you can create and manage online application shortcuts. Offering a centralised portal for your online applications, business leaders, employees and their clients can access a multitude of online applications, wherever in the world they are, on one simple dashboard.

“With Guardian360, RSULT provides us with daily updates on possible IT risks and vulnerabilities. This guarantees our users a certain ‘door policy’.”

Mark Baaijens



Single Online sign-in

More and more software applications are being offered as an online service. SecureLogin prevents the frustration of having too many login screens and the same amount of different passwords. They provide a user-friendly cloud solution which allows access to these different applications, with just a single login. SecureLogin prides itself on its user-friendliness and takes data security very seriously.

No risk is getting in

Mark of SecureLogin: ‘’Every online service which has access to sensitive information is a target for cybercrime. We are aware of this and are committed to minimising our risk profile. To ensure ourselves and our customers a good night’s sleep, Guardian360 performs a scan every night, so we can respond to possible risks daily. This way, no hacker has any chance. Customer safety is our priority.”

“The outcome for RSULT is that our security is in an optimal state of readiness, at all times.”

Safe internet

Jan Martijn of Guardian360: ‘’Guardian360 helps to keep the internet safe from risk. We believe that every user should be able to work safely online. With our unique platform, we continuously make vulnerabilities visible so that online providers such as SecureLogin can quickly react and fix these vulnerabilities to prevent hacks or data failures. In addition, SecureLogin emphasises that it takes information security very seriously. They are not afraid to have an independent party scan. The collaboration with RSULT ensures that the findings of the Guardian360 platform are correctly translated to management in a way that is clear for everybody. This way, appropriate action can be taken when necessary.’’

Security as a process

‘’Information security is not a regular project with a clear start and end. It is a continuous process on which you can only focus after creating awareness. SecureLogin is the perfect example. They do not wait, but create an alertness of unprecedented high level. They do this in collaboration with, among others, Guardian360. The outcome for RSULT is that our security is in an optimal state of readiness, at all times. Proactive and continuous scanning for vulnerabilities leads to the highest level of security. RSULT makes us unique in our services. Data security is in our DNA, Guardian360 makes it tangible.’’ John Schrijvers, Managing Director, RSULT-IT