SpaSereen case

‘RSULT gave us insight into our business’

About SpaSereen

SpaSereen provides a tranquil place for visitors to relax. To provide guests with the perfect relaxation, SpaSereen wanted some way of bringing together their data to understand what their guests value when staying. We helped them to extract the right information from their existing systems, to provide them insight so they can give their guests with the most relaxing experience.

Seamless data exchange

“We use an online package for the wellness industry, which brings together the cash registers, reservations, food & beverage and accounting. The challenge? Extracting, analysing, and using the available data to provide valuable insight. RSULT facilitates seamless data exchange between all parties and systems, and instantly delivers clear reports.” Timo, SpaSereen

Providing insight 

”SpaSereen operates from the idea that guests have little time for themselves, so want to give their guests’ the most relaxing experience. But total relaxation is different for everyone, so a personal approach is important. To provide a personal approach, it is important to learn from historical data. Being certain that you’re heading in the right direction is only possible if you extract the right data. We’re glad we’ve been able to develop the compass here.” Gerard den Teuling, IT Finance Director, RSULT-IT

“The result of our cooperation is an even better insight into our business and the needs of our guests. This enables us to bring our hospitality to an unprecedented level. The circle is completed. That’s the result of RSULT.” Timo, SpaSereen