"Thanks to the optimisation of our processes by Rsult, we have much more insight than before"

Managing restaurants in uncertain times

Rsult can help you maintain and build your restaurant business, even in times of change and uncertainty, the time we are in now. We can implement a POS system quick and help you with tools to manage your business with relevant reporting and KPI monitoring to give insight into your business performance. In that way you can concentrate your expertise in the right place to succeed. We want your business to succeed and get stronger in these times!

Billion in revenue was generated from restaurants in 2017
Is what consumers spent in restaurants and cafes throughout 2017

Prepare for the future

Better insight is better management

Managing a hospitality business in this time is no pleasure, with changing Covid-19 rules, reduced revenue, income sources being curtailed and potentially no money coming in. At Rsult, we have the experience to get you back on your feet and prepare you for the better times ahead. Use the time between now and lockdown ending to prepare a fitter, more manageable business that is ready for whatever the future brings.

Rsult can help with the following things for the future:

  • Help and select a cloud-POS system to link with Uber Eats etc to keep your business continued for short term.
  • Improve efficiency with the POS-system, for when your doors can finally open for eat-in orders. Including managing back-of-house processes like stock management, supplier order management, easy receipts management and finance processes.
  • Manage your front-of-house processes as well: customized menu items, confirm allergies, take preparation notes that go straight to the kitchen.
  • Suggest and implement hardware (on-premise WiFi!)
  • Help to integrate the POS with your current financial system (or select and implement a new one) to automate workflows and create insight.

Even if a new POS system is not what you are looking for, we can help you with other aspects of your business:

Food and beverage

Opening new opportunities in diffcult times – managing through COVID and beyond​

POS systems

  • We support your business with new opportunities to manage order taking, payment, preparation and delivery. This allows you new ways of working to take orders in times when customer may not be on-site – so allowing take-away, payment off-site, manage delivery or pick-up times and be available for business!

Automatic accounting

  • Rsult automates the transfer of your daily turnover data from the cash register to your accounting system. This eliminates the daily manual processing, and thus creates more time for what you really want to do.


  • Rsult helps integrate the POS system with your existing Finance system or recommends one to meet new opportunities that come with an POS system. As well as other systems for example for table reservation, or online ordering systems. We can do this for new and existing installations.​

Management reports

  • Rsult creates the right management reports for you, including measuring parameters like no show, average spend, time at table and so on, as well as other metrics customers may define. All this can can be within the ePOS system or specialised reporting systems.​ These paramters will be needed to maximise return an on nvestment and manage costs in new restricted times.


  • Our experienced consultants take your employees by the hand after the implementation of various software apps. This way you can get off to a flying start and make optimum use of your investment.

Debtor statement reconciliation

  • Retsurants make a number of purcahse on a weekly and are then typically reconciled against a debtor statement at month end. The problem is this process is typically carried out manually which can be an absolute nightmare. Save yourself the stress and get in touch!

Talk about how we can possibly help?

By implementing systems, data is combined into one online management information system. The combination of financial, sales and personnel data makes trends clear and provides daily, real-time management information about your company, making Excel spreadsheets a thing of the past - at least we hope!

You are no longer dependent on human actions and you can again focus on what you as an entrepreneur are best at: doing business.

Kingston Smith

“The partnership with RSULT further grows our ‘added-value’ services for our clients, knowing that we can call on their expert assistance.”

Simon Woodhams, Outsourcing Digital Innovation Lead, Kingston Smith

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Kent Refinishing Supplies

“With the help of Rsult we gained insight in our business processes and we can keep an optimum level of inventory and protect our margins.”

Kent Refinishing Supplies

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PKF Francis Clark

“RSULT have always been incredibly respectful of the accountant / client relationship and continually provide us progress updates . There are no hard sell tactics and will respectfully advise the client if a product is not right for them, although this is rarely the case given the suite of products RSULT work with. ”

Sue Palmer Software support manager, PKF Francis Clark

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“Rsult’s technical knowledge is invaluable. The ability to combine this with our existing accounting and advisory solutions is key to adding value for our clients.”

Mark Macklin Associate Manager, BDO

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Ashwoods Electric Motors

“Rsult provided us with a manufacturing solution that gave more insight into our business “

Lloyd Ash Managing Director, Ashwood Electric Motors

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